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Chakkayappam is dish which is prepared often in my home during jack fruit season.  Nowadays I really miss such dishes.  In Singapore I very rarely get to see jack fruit (varikka chakka).  It is usually prepared in banana leaf or vattayila. Since both these leaf are not available I thought of preparing it in Idli plates in the Idli steamer.


  • Ripe Jack Fruit >   12 bulbs
  • Cardamom >   ¼ tsp (Powder)
  • Jaggery >   100 grms
  • Rice Flour >   250 grms
  • Coconut >   ¾ cup
  • Salt >   1 pinch


  • Remove the seeds from jack fruit bulbs.
  • Grind jack fruit bulbs, cardamom, jaggery, coconut & salt into a fine paste.
  • Transfer the paste into a bowl and add rice flour little by little with mixing.  Add some water to the batter.  The batter should have consistency similar to Idli batter as it is prepared in an Idli steamer.
  • Brush ghee / oil on the idle plates.
  • Now pour the batter into the Idli plates and steam it for 10-12 minutes.
  • Chakkayappam is now ready to be served.  It is served well when hot and as a snack or breakfast.
  • Note:- If you want to prepare in banana leaf /vattayila, dough should be less watery than an Idli batter.

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