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Rice Dosa




  • Idli Rice/ Pachari >  2 cups
  • Urud Dal/ Uzhunnu >  1 cup
  • Cooked Rice/ Chooru >  ¾ cup
  • Fenugreek seed / Uluva  >  1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Water


  • Take Idli rice in one bowl and urud dal and fenugreek in another bowl. Wash both of them with water. After washing both, fill the bowls with water and then soak rice & dal for 6 hrs.
  • After 6 hrs rice will become very soft that you can break it using your fingers. The dal will get swollen after 6 hrs. Now grind the soaked rice, cooked rice, dal & fenugreek to a fine paste by adding water little by little. For dosa, we need a batter with medium consistency. Pour the batter in to a large bowl keeping in mind that batter doubles up and rises after fermentation.  Close it with a lid. Keep it in a warm place for fermentation.  It may take 7-10 hrs for the batter to ferment.
  • Just before cooking add salt for taste to batter and stir well.
  • Heat a pan / tawa until it gets hot. Apply oil on it using a cloth.  Now pour batter in to the tawa using a ladle / thavi / big serving spoon and spread it in circular fashion using the back side of ladle.
  • (Tawa should be kept in medium high flame)
  • When one side of Dosa turns brown, overturn it using a spatula and cook it. Once both sides are cooked, remove it from flame.
  •  (Using the above mentioned quantity we can prepare 16 dosas (here 1 cup=16 tbp ))        
  • Dosa is now ready to be served.  It is served well when hot and with chammanthi / sambar / uzhunnu podi.

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